In my last 2 articles I have been exploring the healing of our past wounds. These wounds are the result of our past hurts and they comprise everything from genetic predisposition to abuse and hardship later in life. Some understand this as our ‘holy brokenness’. Leading to compassion and developing character. I agree, but…there […]

They Know Not What They Do! Some people just don’t like us. For whatever reason, these ‘difficult’ people define us (and/or what we do), with a rejecting negativity. And no matter how many attempts we make to change their minds, we cant’ ‘love’ them enough. Attempts feed their fire. And they have the potential to […]

We cannot escape a certain level of anxiety. It is a very certain element of interrelating with others; be it at work or at home or with friends. For some this anxiety is minimal and manageable; even unnoticed. For others, this anxiety is quite uncomfortable or severe. Kierkegaard (philosopher-theologian) said of anxiety; no grand inquisitor […]

Whether or not others consider us as kind, warm, and even-tempered, our moods are vulnerable to the changing weather. Seasonal moodiness is such a common occurrence that the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has given it a name; Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). About a tenth of the population is diagnosed with ‘severe’ SAD. Such effects […]


The last few articles have been focused on issues facing adoptees; particularly, the difficulties an adoptee has with developing healthy relationships; including a healthy relationship to their own selves. In many ways it has been an exercise in the abstract. Because to empathize, one has to imagine beyond their sense of connection and rootedness (to […]


An adoptee, after reading last months article on the difficulties adoptees have in managing relationships, sent this to note to me; “Makes me feel so sad some days….brings tears to my eyes… wondering where I’m meant to be…and… why I’m here. Such an empty feeling…lost and alone….it sure isn’t all wine and roses”. This reaction […]


No one is beyond the reach of Love. Though, for some, its embrace is uncomfortable and even painful. Such is the case for most adoptees. And I would like to speak to their predicament in this month’s issue. I think its time. Data indisputably confirms that adopted children struggle in loving relationships. The only statistics […]