Your best winter ever.             Winter when I was a child on the farm, was the time of year when, once the animals were cared for, we could spend time together as a family – at least in the evenings. It was the only time of the year when there wasn’t the anxiety of getting […]

Written by Beverly Walker (parishioner at St. John’s) I have been reading books, of late, where at least one of the characters was a woman of 79 years or older. A frail little person, given to sitting in a comfortable chair, probably wrapped in a shawl, and known to nod off in the middle of […]

Written by Beverly Walker (parishioner at St. John’s) Ah Summer I sometimes feel as if I’ve been around since the ark ran aground, there have been that many changes in the world since my childhood. It wasn’t until years later that I realised my youthful recollections were at least 3 generations out of sync with […]

Written by Beverly Walker (Parishioner at St. John’s) A CHRISTMAS CHILDHOOD STORY              Christmas, a season anticipated by children with such excitement, urged on by the Santas in every mall and Christmas decorations appearing almost the instant that Hallowe’en is passed. The time when those with families shop anxiously for […]

Written by Beverly Walker (parishioner at St. John’s)   Amorphous or Manifest – we are more than the sum of our parts   First to set the ground rules. Generic, when discussing wine, means a wine that is a blend of several varieties of grapes with no one grape predominating: a wine that does not […]

Written by Beverly Walker (parishioner at St. John’s) Of toilet paper, air freshener and choices I was reading a book the other day and came across this sentence, “Rats live longer and healthier lives when they have fewer choices, all things being equal.” And thought wow! When you have been around for a long time, […]

Written by Beverly Walker (parishioner at St. John’s) A Drip at a Time It is very difficult to take a stance in our present culture that is informed by what the Bible teaches us, without becoming small p political. The headlines are stark with people trying to escape ravaged African countries only to drown by […]